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Friday, December 9, 2022

Interior Minister lauds Western North Regional Minister

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The Minister for Interior, Hon. Ambrose Derry

The Minister for Interior, Hon. Ambrose Dery, has applauded the Western North Regional Minister, Hon. Richard Ebbah Obeng, for his excellent display of leadership.

In his address during a regional tour, the Interior Minister cited the level of humility expressed by Hon. Richard Obeng as an impressive trait of good leadership.

He further lauded the Regional Minister, pointing out his sacrificial bid and contributions to the Western North Region.

The Minister for Interior, Hon. Ambrose Derry

Speaking to the media on matters of the REGSEC, the Minister for Interior emphasised: “The Western North Region is relatively calm. And I’m humble enough to know that it’s not just about my agencies but it’s about your leadership, and how you can make all the agencies work together — a collaborative spirit and your sacrificial bid to give out one of your vehicles for the CID.”

Hon. Ambrose Derry further expressed his gratitude to the Regional Minister and the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) for the display of leadership that continues to make the Western North Region that peaceful.

Additionally, Mr Ambrose Dery cautioned the Ghana Police Service personnel against bribe taking, advsising them to emulate the traits of the regional minister.

He stated he has taken keen notice of how some police service personnel forcefully collect unlawful money from some drivers in the cause of executing their mandates on the road.

Western North Regional Minister, Hon. Richard Ebbah Obeng

The minister has warned that those perpetrators must put an end to that disgusting conduct as the Ghana Police Service is among the professions which are highly respected on the global map.

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