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Fight breaks out as wife disrupts husband’s wedding to another woman [Video]

Commotion took over Jordan Church in Sierra Leone when a legally married woman disrupted the wedding of her husband and another woman.

The small ceremony, which started off solemnly with a priest officiating the service, erupted into chaos when the wedded wife showed up just when the couple were set to exchange vows.

Videos shared online by sister of the aggrieved wife captured the moment she pulled out their wedding certificate as evidence.

Information gathered indicates that the current bride is a friend of the wife, and she was also the bridesmaid during his initial wedding.

Labeling the bride as an ungrateful woman and a husband snatcher, the legal wife and her family caused quite a pandemonium in the church.

Her rants went in her favor as the officiating pastor cancelled the wedding and urged them to settle their matter at home.

It was for this reason the family of the bride engaged the wife’s family in a heated fist fight which attracted scores of onlookers.

Watch video below:

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