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Monday, January 30, 2023

Fameye shares first photo of his adorable baby girl

It is every father’s wish to cuddle his baby in his arms, and the satisfaction that comes with it is the actual pride of fatherhood.

As the world unites to mark this year’s Fathers’ Day, award-winning Highlife artiste Fameye has shared his proud moment as he flaunts his second child.

He shared first photo of his adorable baby girl to declare how God has been faithful to his family-of-four.

Fameye hugging his daughter, Arviana Credit: @fameye_music/IG

Fameye was photographed radiating immense joy as he presses his baby girl to his chest in an affectionate manner.

He described his month-old daughter, Arviana Bozah , as pretty, holy and bold, amid prophetic declaration in her life.

He wrote: “God has been soo good to me & my family !! Can’t believe this pretty holy & bold little baby is my daughter !! You are blessed baby !! Slide 2 is my father can’t keep him out! we love you mummy.”

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